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Task management system


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Organization of the team-work

You need to organize team-work of several people. TeamTaskManager will help You with this. No matter whether they working at neighboring tables or are located on different continents.
Main window


Each team member always knows what he needs to do. One of the default filters selects tasks that require attention and sorts them in order of priority.
Task list

Analysis of the current workload

TeamTaskManager helps to assess current workload of team members and, if necessary, to balance it redistributing tasks.
Workload report

Progress report

If it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of tasks for any period, then it is easy to do with the progress report.
Progress report


You will always be aware of the actions with tasks, related to You. The system informs initiators and executors about creation and change of tasks, entering information on the implementation of tasks and comments to tasks.

Custom filters

Each user can create custom filters for search tasks. If You need, You can change default filters for initiator and executor of tasks.
Filters for search tasks

Discussion of the task

If you want to clarify any questions about the task, you can do it in the comments.
Комментарии к задаче

Setting statuses and priorities

You can customize the list of statuses and priorities of tasks for the team as you see fit.
Setting the list of task statuses

All task's data in one place

If email, Skype and separated files are not enough for coordinated work - You can organize the work of the team with TeamTaskManager.

Task tree

If necessary, You can break the task into subtasks, combine tasks into projects, etc. the Depth of nesting of subtasks isn't limited.
Task tree

Unlimited number of team members

Feel free to add so much team members, as You need.
User list

Free use

You don't need to pay for the use of
Money is not necessary
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