Collaboration support system

Team registration

To start working with the system You have to create a team. To do this, fill out the form on the team registration page.

team registration page

Fields team name, user name, login and email are mandatory.

Select the language that will be used when creating lists of roles of team members, statuses and task priorities.

Enter the captcha value.

After You click button "Create team":

Use inserted login and received password for logon. It is recommended to change the password after logon.

Names of roles, priorities and statuses will be set with due regard for the selected language. You will be able to change them at own discretion.

The new user has administrator rights, including creation of new users, roles, statuses and priorities.

Please, when contacting on behalf of the team use the provided email address.


To start work in the system you should log in, enter your password and press "Login" button.
From this page you can jump to Create task page or User Guide page.

log-in dialogue

Main window

After log-in the Main window shown below is displayed.

main window

Main window is divided into 4 areas. Main menu, log-in link and a dropdown "select interface language" list are displayed above. Task list table is on the left. Image and edit task area is on the right. There is a display of task actions reports (which affords to see whether a user is an initiator or an executor) on the bottom.

The menu includes only items which are available for a current user. Role customization available for users is implemented on page Users. Actions customization available in role limits is implemented on page Roles.In the time of registration a new user is created who has access to all actions. In what follows this user should create new users and grant them necessary rights.

Use key combination ctrl-"+" и ctrl-"-" or means of your browser for scaling to get handy sizes of the interface elements.

Create task

To create a new task use "Add" button situated above Task list table. After that data can be input into the form situated in the right display area. To save input data press "Save" button. After saving main data of the task bookmarks will be available for:

Create subtask

It may be necessary to split one large task into subtasks. For example, to assign them to different members of the team. To do that select task in the list and press button "Create subtask" New task will be created and current task will be set as parent for new task. Further you have to fill other fields and press "Save" button.

Browse and edit task

To see detailed information about a task and edit it click on an appropriate table row with a task list. Information about a selected task will be displayed in the right area of the main window.

The information is splitted into 3 bookmarks: "Main information", "Execution", "Comments".

You can edit tasks attribute values. To save new values press "Save buttons".

Information input on bookmarks "Execution" and "Comments" is described below.

Change parent task

To change parent task:

If You want to close dialog without changing of the parent task, press button "Cancel".

Select parent task dialog

To remove link to parent task press button Delete parent task button.

If You want to open parent task, click its name with mouse.

Delete task

In case of inaccurate task adding it can be deleted. For this: After a task status will be changed into "Deleted".

Restoration of a removed task

You can restore task, if it was been deleted by mistake. To do this:

Task hierarchy

You can see parent tasks and subtask for selected task.

Task hierarchy

If you want to open parent or subtask, you have to press appropriate row in the table.

Accomplish task

Executor can inform about a task process on "Accomplish task" bookmark. Here a particular processed action can be marked and how much actually time was required for it.

accomplish task

To add information about task processing:

In case of need task processing information can be editted. For this:

Task comments

On "Comments" bookmark you can leave the task annotations for an initiator and an executor. E.g. an executor can ask an initiator a question to specify requirements for an assigned task.

task comment

To leave a comment:

Task list filter

You can customize imaged tasks list with filters. Foe every user two filters are created. One filter helps to pick out tasks where a user is an executor and the action hasn't been accomplished. The other one is for imaging tasks where a user is an initiator.

task filter

To apply a filter:

You can conduct a task search without opting for saved filters. Just set search criteria and sorting framework. Press "Apply" button.

Create filter

In case of need you can create filters frequently-used in work for you. For this:

Change filter

To change filter:

Delete filter

To delete filter:

Refresh task list

To get a real-time task list with due regard for changes made after the last list loading press "Refresh" button above the task table. Task list will correspond to the last applied filter.

Task events informing

There is a table on the bottom of the main window. It includes task creation, changing, deleting reports and reports about task processing and comments.


Reports are directed to an initiator and a task executor. Besides the text report the name of the task, a user's name who fulfilled an action and its time are displayed.

You can go to preview and edit task area by clicking a proper row in the report table.

Besides this there's a report preview opportunity in a separate window. To go to this window one should choose an item Reports in the main Menu.

messages window

Workload report

From time to time there is necessity to know what kinds of tasks are set by team members. You can choose all assigned tasks and being accomplished tasks with a filter, either all information in one view can be displayed in Task report section. To see the report:

workload report

It's possible to see a task list set for a certain team member. To do it pressDetails button icon.

workload report, list of tasks

To go to a detailed task preview and edit it you should click on the task name in the table shown above.

On default there are tasks with "Set", "In process", "Suspended" status in the Workload report. However this list can be changed on Statusespage.

Progress report

The system allows to see what work has been done for a certain period of time. For this: Tasks for which registered actions for a set period are found in this report. If a task was completed but its actions weren't saved in the system, which means that such kind of a task will not be reported.

Task status

In the time of registration of a new group a task-status set is created for it. If something doesn't suit you in this set you can change it. For this:

Add status

To add a status:

Change status

To change a status:

Delete status

To delete status: If any task has a status for deleting, the system will issue a due warning and the status will not be deleted.

Default task status

While creating a new task a status stated in "Default task status" field on default will be attached to this task.To change default task status just choose other value from a droplist.

Deleted task status

While deleting a task a status stated in "deleted task status" for deleted tasks will be attached to this task. If you want to use other value then choose it from a drop list.

Status for Executor and Initiator filters

For creating a new user two task filters are created: the first one is for new task search where a user is an executor, and the second one where he is an initiator.Statuses marked in filter lists as Status for Executor filter and Status for Initiator filterare added in these filters.To change a set of statuses you need:

Current workload report status

In Current workload report tasks with selected statuses in Current workload report statuslist will be found.If you want to change a set of these statuses:

Task priority

When you register a new group a task priority set for it is created. You can change this set. For this you need:

Add priority

To add a priority you need:

Change priority

To change a priority you need:

Delete priority

To delete a priority you need: If any task has a status for deleting, the system will issue a due warning and the status will not be deleted.

Default task priority

When you create a new task a priority stated in Default task priority. To change a default priority just opt for other value from a drop list.


A Role in the system is intended for several actions merging which a user can perform. Here an action means task list look-up, task editing, user-list look-up ,etc.

A role can be given to a certain user. After that he can carry out actions that this role includes.

Initially two roles are created in the system:


To open Roles list select "Roles" item.This item is displayed if a user has access for look-up of the Role list.

Add role

To add a role:

Browse and Edit a role

Too see a role action list and change it:

Delete Role

To delete role: If a role is given to any user it will be deleted. Deleting impossibility report will be shown in the process.


Only registered users can work in the system. When a team is registered two users are created:


Browse user list

To open User list you need select "Users" item. This item is displayed if a current user has access for "Users list" action.

Add user

To add a new user:

Browse/Change user

To change information about the user and roles available for him:

Delete user

To delete a selected wrong added user: If a user indicated as an executor or an initiator in a task, it can't be deleted. If you try to delete such a user, a relevant report will be displayed.

Block user

To deny a user entry to the system:

Change password

A user can change his login password.For this you need:

password change dialogue


All tables are arranged in a similar way. There are Column titles on the top of the table. If you click on the Column title, data in the table will be sorted due to values of a relevant column. By clicking again on this Column title the sorting will be reverse.

example of a table

There elements for calculating row number shown in the table on the bottom of the table itself. Also these elements are responsible for moving between data pages in case if selected number of rows more than set number to display it simultaneously.

Mobile version

If you go to the website from a mobile device, You will be redirected to the mobile version of the site.

Mobile version of the site

Also, You can switch to the mobile version from the main by clicking on the link "Mobile view"

Link to mobile version of the site

In the mobile version You can:

Task list

To open a list of tasks click button On the task list page you can:

Task list

To start viewing and editing tasks, click on it in the list. The window for view and edit selected task will be opened.

To create a new task click the button New task button The window for edit new task will be opened.

If You need to change the search conditions of the task or the conditions of their sort, then click Filter button. You will be taken to page, where you can select a saved filter, or create a new one or apply the search criteria and sorting clauses without saving.

To see new tasks or changes in existing tasks which has been made by other team members, you have to press button Refresh button.

Editing a task

The page to edit tasks shown below.

Task edit page

To open the page for view and edit tasks select task in the list or click "Create task" button on the task list page. If page for enter information about task progress or task comments page is opened, then it is necessary to press button Task edit button. to open task edit page.

Change parent task

To change parent task:

The selection page of the parent task Filter for parent task selection

Task hierarchy

If You want to see parent tasks and subtask for the selected task, press button Hierarchy button. Page with lists of the parent tasks and subtasks will be opened.

Task hierarchy page

You can open page for editing of any task from the lists by clicking on a appropriate task.

Add subtask

If you need to create subtask for current task, press button Add task button on the hierarchy page. Page for editin new task will be opened with current task in the field "Parent".

Task progress

You can report about the implementation of whole or part of a task on the "Task actions" page.

Task actions page

To open the page "task" open a task from the list and click Task actions button.

To create a new record click button Add button.

After entering the time spent on work and descriptions click Save button.

If you need to make changes to an existing entry, click on it. Information from the selected record will be appear in the form at the top of the page. You may make necessary changes and save it.

To delete an entry, select it in the list and click Delete button.

To see the changes made by other users after you open this page, click Refresh button.

Discussion of the task

If you have to discuss same questions related to task, you can do it on the page "Comments".Here, initiator and responsible of the task may ask the questions and writing the answers, exchange of opinions.

Comments page

To leave a comment, enter your text and click the button Save button.

Messages are updated automatically. But if You need to update them right now, then click button Refresh button.

Task filter

List of tasks for the default filter is displayed on the website after login. Originally this incomplete tasks in which You are the executor. If You need to find other tasks, You can choose one of your saved filters or enter the search and sorting conditions on page "Filters".

Filters for search and sort tasks Filters for search and sort tasks Filters for search and sort tasks

That's a pretty big page. The illustration had to break into three parts. Here you can:

To open this page click button Filters button on the page with the list of tasks.

To select a filter, click the button with its name.

To apply the filter click Apply filter button. After that, the tasks corresponding to the current the values of the search criteria will be found . The tasks will be sorted in accordance with specified conditions. Page list of tasks will be open. If the filter has been amended, changes will NOT BE SAVED.

If you want to remove all search criteria and clear rules for sorting, then click Clear button.

To save the changes in the filter press Save button.

To create new filter click Add button. Enter the name of the filter, the parameters of the task selection and sorting. Save the new filter.

If the filter is not needed, then select it by pressing the button with the its name, and click delete button Delete button.

List of messages

You can view messages about actions with tasks in which You are a initiator or responsible. To do this, go to the page "Message".


To open this page, click on the button Messages button.

Messages are updated automatically. But if You need to update them right now, then click button Refresh button.

If you click the message, then the related task will be opened.

Maintenance script

Model maintenance script looks this way:

An initiator creates a new task.

An executor get a notion he has an assigned task.

An executor changes a task status into "In process".

If an executor is accomplishing other task and a new task is of higher priority than the current task, he

If an executor is accomplishing other task and a new task status isn't higher than the current task status, he keeping working at the current task.

To specify an assigned task an executor exchanges tasks comments with an initiator.

An executor points a tentative task work content.

Daily or with other frequency an executor points what has been done concerning the task and how much time has been required.

After a task accomplished an executor changes task status into "Accomplished".

An initiator check up an accomplished task and changes its status into "Completed".

If an executor suspended work at other task, he returns to it and changes status to "In process".

If it turns out that a task is unreasonable after it has been assigned,an initiator changes status of such a task to "Declined".

If a task was assigned wrong and no action were performed according to it, an initiator changes its status to "Deleted".

On default a table displays tasks where a current user is an executor. These tasks are displayed in the way they have to be accomplished:

The script described above is just an example. You can use the system to your convenience.