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Team Task Manager

New team registration

To start working with the system You have to create a team. To do this, fill out the form on this page. Fields team name, user name, login and email are mandatory.

After You click button "Create team":

  • team with the specified name will be created
  • task statuses and priorities will be created
  • for the new team two roles will be created: "Administrator" (has the rights to perform any actions) and "User" (has the rights required to work with tasks)
  • the user will be created with the specified name and login with the role "Administrator"
  • an email with a password for the newly created user will be sent to the specified address
Use inserted login and received password for logon. It is recommended to change the password after logon.

Names of roles, priorities and statuses will be set with due regard for the selected language. You will be able to change them at own discretion.

The new user has administrator rights, including creation of new users, roles, statuses and priorities.

Learn more about working with the system in the user guide .

Please, when contacting on behalf of the team use the provided email address.

Team name:
User name:
By clicking "Create Team", you accept the terms and conditions of the User Agreement.